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Minicom's company vision of creating cutting edge technology is what has helped this manufacturer of innovative KVM Switches become a major player in the IT game. The company got its start in 1987 when realizing there was a big market in CBT (Computer Based Training) systems, which help nurture learning in IT courses world wide. They later moved on to the KVM Switch market quite easily, simply by utilizing their already existent CBT technology.

Aiming for success, Minicom realized it would have to diversify its product list for the KVM market. So what started out with simple 2 and 4 port KVM soon advanced into other products all of which aimed towards helping system personnel get their jobs done more efficiently. To top it off, Minicom's final move has still to be realized, the IPO.

Realizing technicians needed the ability to manage their servers from remote locations led them to develop a full line of quality KVM over IP remote access solutions. Today their Smart IP Link provides security, functionality, and quality without making a big dent in the company budget. With 256 SSL encryption there is no worries when talking about security issues.

Minicom then took a big leap into the world of KVM Matrix Switches with their famous DX Matrix switches. These machines are built to provide and never say no. Extremely flexible and scalable, these switches are perfect for high density mission critical environments. This hardware only solution is based on the Linux operating system.

Add to the above products KVM Extenders and Minicom's catalog has an all star lineup able to rival the big teams like IBM and HP. If that wasn't enough, Minicom claims those companies and more - such as Oracle, SONY, and the US Army - as their customers.

To succeed on the KVM playing field Minicom continuously strived to improve on their existing technologies and develop new ones along the way. For example, being able to pioneer the use of CAT5 technologies enabled Minicom to revolutionize existing KVM Switch architecture for managing multiple servers more efficiently. Their line of CAT5 solutions is the largest anywhere. The innovative "daisy chain" solution using the CAT5 architecture is sold with their Phantom line of products.

With over 20,000 worldwide installations to date, Minicom is no doubt an industry leader when talking about KVM Switches. Their talented research and development force continues to shock others in the industry with their ever new strides in technology.

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