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Not long ago the 4 port kvm switch was a tool limited to system personnel in air conditioned server rooms. Today any computer owner who wants to have and/or work on more than one computer can purchase and install a kvm switch. The extra computers may be for virus checking, testing software, or simply an extra computer for the kids to play games on. Both at home and at work, clearing up space is one of the benefits the 4 port kvm switch can produce.

An alternative to using a kvm switch would be to connect to each server through some remote management program such as PcAnywhere or Microsoft's Remote Desktop. The negative sides to this are the inherent security vulnerabilities, slow response times, and of course still not being in front of the computer. If the server is stuck and needs a cold reboot, or if you need to insert a CD, you are not located near the computer to do it. The 4 port kvm allows you to connect up to 4 servers to one keyboard, monitor, and mouse (hence the term KVM).

Until recently the kvm switch was limited to interaction with the keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Today the kvm can be found with rich features to enhance the work environment. Newly released kvm with audio switches let the user work in a multimedia environment from many computers. And with an ip kvm users can experience the feeling of working directly in front of their computer even though they can be miles away. Connect to the latest hardware interfaces with the ps2 or usb kvm.

manage multiple computers with a 4 port kvm
Control up to 4 servers with a 4 port kvm
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A kvm screen takes up very little space
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